Aderans Construction

As Aderans Construction Ltd, we have been building our own projects in Northern Cyprus since 2014 and providing a perfect service to our customers.

We are an innovative, pioneering, customer satisfaction oriented, reputable, strong and successful company specializing in construction and real estate investment, with a position of reliability and we has accomplished large projects in the construction market.

With our experienced team, we have built hospitals, schools, dormitories, mass housing, hotels and buildings with many different attributions over 300,000 square meters. We are advancing with the aim of moving both our customers and ourselves to a higher place in this field.

With every project we design and every building we build, we add a new one to our achievements.

In order to be “the best and most reliable” in all our projects, we work with the awareness that a devoted teamwork and a strong team spirit are the basis of every success.