Iskele Folk Dance

Our group, which was established in 1987, aims to educate the Turkish youth in their own folk history, which is such an inseparable part of our culture and to introduce this aspect of out culture to other nations.At present our group has over three hundred members in three age ranges (juniors, teenagers and seniors) and they are trained by dedicated instructor Özlem Kadirağa.

The İskele Municipality Folk Dance Group has represented TRNC both national and international folk dance festivals and competitions. İskele Municipality Folk Dance Group has joined 85 international folk dance competitions and festivals, and received 25 times international first award, 1 International 2. And 3. Award, 3 times World First Award , 2 times world third award, 2 times world first award, 11 times international special award (3 Best Costume, 2 Best Music, 2 public, 3 Best Careography, 1 The Best Performance awards) and 1 national (Samtay Foundation) special audience award and became our pride and joy.

Our group attended at the international World Folk Dance Competition in Yalova – Turkey and has won the Golden Cornation First Award